Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Begin the Begining

One must start somewhere and this shall be my start.

I swore I would start this blog ranting about the Sympathy for the Devil show at the MCA. Paul Klein ripped on it, so it's not exactly like I was going to forge new ground complaining about the MCA staffer that yelled at me for touching artwork. Artwork, by the way, that we later found out was interactive and supposed to be touched. Fear No Art is their new motto and as such I shall move forward and continue to fondle anything I please in their facility.

Then I swore I would just start this blog about Sonja Thomsen's artwork.

{image: Sonja Thomsen, Surface 3; more here}

I found her work slumming around the depths of ArtNet and ran across Dean Jensen Gallery in Milwaukee. The familiar name of Wafaa Bilal popped up and I figured I'd go poking around on their sight. Though I have yet to actually see Sonja's work in person, I am learning to trust my curatorial skills over the internet and these works are undeniably great. If you see them in person, let me know how they really are.

But then I had some drinks with Bob Emser last night and darn it all if that guy isn't one of the most charming artists that I know. I first met Bob when I was working at Chicago's Flatfile Galleries. (Bob will show there as their season opener in September 2008.) Bob is hands down one of my favorite sculptors for numerous reasons. As a preparator, I love that his work is light. As a curator, I love that his work is dynamic. As a viewer, I love that his works are engaging.

I left Piece feeling more inspired than I thought I would and here I am typing.

There will be much more to come. Critical thoughts on Basel after the show. Thoughts on Robert McGuire after diner at Maiz. Thoughts on Visions of Concern. All coming. I'm holding myself to it this time.

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